Feel safe. Feel supported
Never feel alone.

Body Talk is an online platform that breaks stigmas on Mental Health and redefines Body Image by spreading awareness through open conversations, shared experiences, education, resources, support, creativity and collaboration.

By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self love over self- judgment. By doing so you are choosing yourself, you're mental and physical health, and your confidence over the world’s preconceived ideals and pressures. When you’re healthy, your skin glows, your hair is healthier, your mind is more positive, you think more clearly, and your self-esteem is much higher. Choose you, not society’s/media’s opinions on what’s beautiful. Healthy is what’s beautiful and wanted, always.

Sometimes self harm comes from numbness. Instead of thinking the person is crazy, getting angry or saying words that can cause more harm than comfort, the most important thing is to understand the reason behind it, to make the person feel understood (even if you don’t understand it yourself). That’s what empathy is and it should be applied even more in situations that seem extreme.

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Body Talk is a platform that focuses on breaking stigmas on Mental Health and Negative Body Image. It provides support to many people through -

  • personal stories that help them not feel alone
  • resources that provide all kinds of methods for self care and wellness
  • tips from others who have been in a similar position and hence understand
    and provide hope through empowerment
  • education that helps others learn more about the subjects and spreads
    awareness covered with fact, not stereotypical fiction

Body Talk brings all creatives together to express themselves, spread awarness
and open discussions throught design, art and language on Mental Health and Body Image.


The aim of Body Talk is to destigmatise Mental Health and re-define Body Image through open conversations, education and creative expression. It is a place where everyone can be honest about their struggles, feel understood as well as provide support to others.


This platform is a sharing space for the community which is posted anonymously. Share your experience, provide tips for others from your own journey, share resources that helped you and email us
if you want anything else added that is related to Mental Health and Body Image. Read, listen, understand and educate yourself.


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Feel safe. Feel supported.
Never feel alone.