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Body Talk is an online platform that breaks stigmas on Mental Health and redefines Body Image by spreading awareness through open conversations, shared experiences, education, resources, support, creativity and collaboration.

By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self love over self- judgment. By doing so you are choosing yourself, you're mental and physical health, and your confidence over the world’s preconceived ideals and pressures. When you’re healthy, your skin glows, your hair is healthier, your mind is more positive, you think more clearly, and your self-esteem is much higher. Choose you, not society’s/media’s opinions on what’s beautiful. Healthy is what’s beautiful and wanted, always.

Sometimes self harm comes from numbness. Instead of thinking the person is crazy, getting angry or saying words that can cause more harm than comfort, the most important thing is to understand the reason behind it, to make the person feel understood (even if you don’t understand it yourself). That’s what empathy is and it should be applied even more in situations that seem extreme.

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This is a page dedicated to the stories of people struggling with Negative Body Image, Body Shaming and mental health. 

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Negative Body Image Stories

People don't think before they speak. They don't realise the harshness behind their words and the adverse effect they can have on others. No matter what you think, you are not alone. Everyday beautiful women are shamed and objectified.Let people read what we go through and realise the cruelness behind these unnecessary comments.

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Mental Health Stories

While suffering from mental health problems it is important to know that you are not alone. What you are experiencing is something others have to and by sharing vulnerable stories we can create a platform where people feel understood and united.

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