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Body Talk is an online platform that breaks stigmas on Mental Health and redefines Body Image by spreading awareness through open conversations, shared experiences, education, resources, support, creativity and collaboration.

By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self love over self- judgment. By doing so you are choosing yourself, you're mental and physical health, and your confidence over the world’s preconceived ideals and pressures. When you’re healthy, your skin glows, your hair is healthier, your mind is more positive, you think more clearly, and your self-esteem is much higher. Choose you, not society’s/media’s opinions on what’s beautiful. Healthy is what’s beautiful and wanted, always.

Sometimes self harm comes from numbness. Instead of thinking the person is crazy, getting angry or saying words that can cause more harm than comfort, the most important thing is to understand the reason behind it, to make the person feel understood (even if you don’t understand it yourself). That’s what empathy is and it should be applied even more in situations that seem extreme.

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Having mental health issues doesnt make a person crazy, and neither does going to therapy or taking medication for it. Just like you need to take care of your physical health, you need to give importance to your mental health as well. The stigma stops people from talking about their internal struggles or get help which can be diminished by creating an open and non-judgmental environment.

Together, let’s destigmatise Mental Health and educate ourselves with the real information rather than the one that’s tainted due to stereotypes.

Mental Health is NOT-

- a sign of weakness
- a personal failure 
- shameful
- all in your head
- something you decide to have
- something that happens only if you        have had trauma
- something you can snap out of
- something that goes away if you keep
  busy or stay positive
- less important than physical health
- interchangeable
- inborn

Mental health issues are many times shown through physical symptoms.

There’s no off switch, no easy fix. Mental conditions must be managed using therapy, self-care, medication or alternative methods.

Having mental health issues as a man doesnt equate to him not being strong.

All genders experience mental health conditions at similar rates. However, men are less likely to disclose their problems because of gender-based stigma, and women are often seen as hysterical or overly emotional for seeking help.

Sharing your feelings and opening up is a sign of strength.

Wanting to commit suicide doesnt make the person selfish. It means that the person is suffering so much that they don’t see value in their life anymore. Get them help and be supportive. It is important to understand their struggles before jumping to judgments.

Being an emotional person isn’t a weakness, the way you channel it is your strength.

People with Mental Health conditions are not more likely to be violent. Only 3-5% of violent acts can be attributed to someone with a serious mental condition. In fact, people with mental disorders are more likely to be victims of violence and abuse, than perpetrators of it.

There is no one treatment for everyone. For some medication works, for some therapy and for some both.

Mental Health issues doesnt make the person less competent. In fact, mental conditions are often linked with high intelligence.

Sometimes your diagnosis can be incorrect because the mind is pretty complex. Ask questions, seek additional opinions, and voice your concerns if you think a diagnosis is incorrect to help the doctor understand you better.

Mental and physical health are more connected than you might think.

Successful people can also suffer from mental conditions. Just because a person is talented, social or accomplished doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling. Symptoms are often hidden. Never assume you know the full story.

It’s believed that people can be predisposed to mental health problems based on family history, but disorders are not always passed down. What has been proven, is that environmental factors play a huge role.

Self harm doesnt mean the person is crazy. It means they are hurting and need support.

Let us know if  you have heard wrong assumptions on Mental Health and want to share the correct fact. We will add it here to help educate others.

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